Crispy Chickpeas With Beef Recipe (2024)



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suggestions from our family (my husband hails from the Levant): (1) fry onions along with the meat, (2) coriander is another good addition to the spice mix, (3) add lemon juice & chopped sun-dried tomatoes at the end to help with dryness, (4) serve with a side of arugula drizzled with lemon juice & salt


This is basically a quicker, simpler version of the Indian dish chole keema, which I make often. If you have it, I would use garam masala instead of the cumin in this recipe for a better depth of spice flavors. A heavy pinch of sugar is also a nice counterbalance to the spices.


How about Bulgar wheat? And please, no turkey(smells like singed feathers); use 1/2 lb ground lamb or beef w. your spices-cumin, turmeric, Aleppo pepper (Amazon) would go great for a little heat, real garlic, all in olive oil (margarine-I cringe). This is a mid-eastern style dish. Saute meat, then drain fat in colander to omit grease. Cilantro, absolutely. Lemon juice is also a plus. I've been making takes on this for years.


With ground lamb, great! Make a quick yogurt or sour cream based fresh condiment to dollop on top!


The recipe calls for a cup of cooking liquid - if using canned chickpeas should the liquid from the can be used? I've always been under the impression that this is a bad idea so I'd be inclined to use water instead


This has become a back-pocket recipe that my husband and I both love. I up the spices and garlic and use whatever ground meat we have on hand. I also add a lot of chopped parsley at the end and a big squeeze of lemon.

Panama Gal

Add a can of stewed tomato's and this goes over the top !!!


This is a great choice for something "different" for dinner that is SO easy. Do not let it become dry at the end...serve it immediately. Cilantro makes the dish. Served w/ a big salad on the side.

M. Doelling

I used ground turkey as a healthier option and added the rice to the ground-turkey and chickpea combo after having cooked both separately. I then added 1/4 cup chicken stock and then let everything simmer on a slow boil. To "spice" it up I added saffran. And, to add some color I added about a tablespoon of tumeric. A little margarine/butter and salt, or garlic salt, as needed. (I felt it needed more salt at the end to bring out all the flavor; though be careful not to oversalt.)


I made this as directed (1 # ground beef), but added a splash of dry white wine and a heavy shake (about 1/4 tsp) of sumac. Delicious. I'm looking forward to trying it with different spices - there are a lot of good recommendations here.


Fry onions with meat. Instead of chickpea water use broth and splash wine or vermouth.

Sue A

Used Jimmy Dean bulk breakfast sausage for the meat. The first time we had it over quinoa. The second time over Red Lentil Pasta from Trader Joe's. Both versions were excellent. My husband is diabetic and neither version caused him to have high blood sugar.

Kathleen Kortz

This has become one of our favorite dishes. We serve it in pita pockets topped with tzatziki.


This was great with chopped tofu instead of the meat. Added a dash of paprika and a splash of lemon juice at the end; it really brought out the flavors.


If you have leftovers, it's great for breakfast with a runny fried egg.


The leftovers make a great brunch with rice, arugula and a runny over easy egg on top. Feels fancy.


Basically no flavor to this. Fixed it at the table with lots of lemon and zatar. Next time would sauté with onions as suggested by others, double the spices and finish with lemon, double the herbs and zatar.


Sauté onions with ground meat. Add sumac and lemon at the end

Nancy Ann

This dish is stupendous! I don't like spicy foods but I LOVED THIS!! My husband-like person was off put by the spice, so next time I'll cut it down. Also, do add a splash if white wine. AND be aware that as it sits in the 'fridge it gets more spicy!! Next day lunch was pretty warm. However - with our Sunday breakfast eggs, I was enraptured!! Never had a recipe get to my heart like this. 100 percent - you will love THIS. Serve it with plain or vanilla Greek yogurt on the side just in case!


I used harissa powder out of necessity as I ran out of cumin and it was SUPERB! Also recommend cooking the chickpeas in the air fryer with olive oil for 12 minutes (shaking occasionally).


Also, might go with a good pickled onion


Keep on high. Precook chickpeas 20 min at 400. Use half chickpea liquid and half chick broth. Little less on the cumin


Serve with pita bread and tziki sauce


Sautéed onion prior to the beef, added in lemon juice once everything was cooked, topped with Greek yogurt


Garam masala in addition to cumin.


Excellent!! Though I did double the spices. Served with homemade hummus, brown rice, cilantro and “grilled glazed carrots” from NYT. So yummy!


Added the chickpeas first and let them cook longer to get a little crispy and tender, then added the beef. Probably did 1.5x on the spices and also added garlic powder. Added tomato paste to help with dryness and increase richness.


The sauce was a bit dry and so adding it to rice just made it more dry. Flavor was nice!

Jon Osterman

Tried this with fresh ground bison, it was marvelous. Much like everyone else is saying, this is an excellent base recipe, the spice blend you use is very adaptable with the "bones" of this recipe as your guide. I used wild onion as well as garlic and chiltepin to go with the original recipe seasoning and the flavor was spectacular. This will absolutely become a regular dish when I'm home.


Use a 14” skillet so that your chickpeas get more direct contact with the cooking surface. I used a 28oz can of chickpeas and 3/4lb of beef and a 12” skillet. Everything tasted fine but the chickpeas were not crisp - more like steamed.

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Crispy Chickpeas With Beef Recipe (2024)


Why are my roasted chickpeas not crunchy? ›

Spread the chickpeas on a kitchen towel and gently pat them dry. It's essential to make sure they're totally dry before you toss them with the olive oil – damp chickpeas won't crisp up in the oven. Discard any loose skins from the outside of the chickpeas.

How to make the crispiest roasted chickpeas with an Audible Crunch? ›

As Joe points out, he likes to do a low, slow roast for one hour at 300 degrees to generate the ultimate crunch. A further two-hour rest in the turned-off oven is key, as well. After that, just let the chickpeas finish cooling at room temperature — it won't take long, I promise — and you'll be good to go.

Do dried chickpeas need to be soaked before roasting? ›

Just as with any other dry bean, the first thing you will have to do before cooking dried chickpeas is to soak them.

Should you soak canned chickpeas before cooking? ›

You might wonder, do I have to soak chickpeas before cooking? Like other beans, chickpeas benefit from soaking in water, especially if you are planning to boil them on the stovetop. However, if you plan to cook them in the slow cooker or instant pot, you do not need to soak them, although you can if you have the time.

Why are my chickpeas still hard after cooking? ›

If they're still hard after you cook them for an hour, be sure they have enough water to cover them, and simmer until they soften. Taste the water. If it's bitter, rinse the beans, and put in new water.

What happens if you eat too much roasted chickpeas? ›

Uric acid accumulation. Chickpeas contain a chemical called purine, and when broken down these purines produce excess uric acid, which results in gout. Gout is a type of arthritis caused by the accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joints.

What do roasted chickpeas do for your brain? ›

May promote brain health

Thanks to their impressive nutrient profile, chickpeas may support brain function and mental health. This is partly because they're a great source of choline, which plays an important role in brain function.

Why are my chickpeas popping in air fryer? ›

Adding too much oil can actually burn the seasonings on the chickpeas. Warning: Depending on the type of air fryer you use, you might hear a popping noise while the chickpeas are cooking. The sound can be a little startling but this is just the chickpeas popping like popcorn.

Why are my roasted chickpeas popping? ›

As the chickpeas cook (using any method), they will release moisture. This is why they pop and sizzle as they release water during cooking. The more water that is cooked out of them, the crispier they will be.

What happens if you don't pre soak chickpeas? ›

Generally, if you did not pre soak the chickpeas, they will take 3 to 4 hours on HIGH or 6 to 8 hours on LOW to become tender. You can shorten the cooking time by preheating the water in the microwave for 4 to 5 minutes before adding to the beans. Pour the dry chickpeas into a saucepan and cover with 3 inches of water.

Are chickpeas and garbanzo beans the same thing? ›

The name chickpea comes from the Latin word cicer, referring to the plant family of legumes, Fabaceae. It is also known by its popular Spanish-derived name, the garbanzo bean.

What happens if you don't soak dried chickpeas? ›

No, you don't have to soak beans before you cook them. If you forget, you can simply start the cooking process, but expect them to take longer to cook than if you had soaked them first. It can take up to twice the time if you don't soak them first.

How do you cook chickpeas from a can? ›

One way you can cook canned chickpeas is on the stovetop. First, drain the chickpeas in a strainer and rinse them off with cool water. Pour the chickpeas into a large pan so they're in a single layer, then fill the pan with enough water to just cover the chickpeas. Heat the chickpeas over medium heat for 5 minutes.

How long do you cook canned chickpeas for? ›

Bring the water to a boil, then turn the heat down and simmer the chickpeas for 45 mins (if you are going to cook them further in another dish) or up to 1 hour. Taste to see if they are tender.

How do you know when chickpeas are cooked? ›

Yes. You should stir the garbanzo beans a few times throughout the cooking process to ensure that they get cooked evenly. You'll know the cooking process is done when you take a garbanzo bean and bite or squeeze it. You should be able to squeeze it with your fingers, and it should have a very soft consistency.

Why do my roasted chickpeas go soft? ›

They are a terrific low-calorie, nutrient-dense snack with lots of fiber. A few factors determine whether they'll turn mushy when roasted: the type of chickpeas (dried and soaked overnight or dried), how well they are dried before roasting and how much oil is used (you need only a little).

Why didn't my chickpeas get soft? ›

Many guides will tell you that adding a teaspoon or so of baking soda to soaking water will aid with the softening of dried chickpeas.

Why chickpeas are not getting soft? ›

Unfortunately, this happens when you use very old chickpeas. The longer they sit in your pantry, the longer they will take to cook. You can either continue cooking them until they soften, or throw them out and buy a fresh batch from the grocery store to cook.

Does cooking chickpeas longer make them softer? ›

If you are planning on mashing your chickpeas, you'll probably want to cook them a little longer to make them even softer. If you like your chickpeas chewy, you'll want to cook them for less time. Experiment a bit until you find the perfect time for you.

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