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The Final Shape expansion for Destiny 2 has arrived, and introduces a new Prismatic subclass to the game, alongside exotic overhauls, a new enemy faction, and the conclusion of the ongoing narrative arc.

This page acts as a comprehensive breakdown of The Final Shape expansion, including a link to the full Patch Notes.


New Subclass - Prismatic

Guardians that harness Prismatic will be able to swap between Arc, Solar, Void, Stasis, and Strand. On top of this, players using the Prismatic subclass can enter the Transcendence state that unlocks a new grenade ability and weapon damage bonuses.

For Hunters, the grenade ability creates a tornado of Fire and Ice, Titans get Strand and Arc, while Warlocks create devastating wormholes with Stasis and Void.

In order to enter this Transcendence state, you'll need to deal both Light and Darkness damage to charge two meters beneath your normal Super bar. Once filled, Transcendence will be available to trigger.

The Prismatic subclass also brings Aspects and Fragments to help further customize your build, enabling a variety of new and exciting combos.

Exotic Combinations

Exotics have been changed up in a big way, thanks to an Exotic class item that allows you to steal perks from other Exotics and merge them into one super powerful piece or armor. Each class item will roll with two random Exotic perks, so the boosts to your offensive and defensive outputs will be seismic.

Titan Exotic MarkHunter Exotic CloakWarlock Exotic Bond

An example given is as follows:

  • Stoicism - Titan Mark
    • Combines Spirit of the Star Eater with Spirit of the Ophidian
      • Provides a more powerful super when collecting orbs of power after your super is full, and increases to your weapon ready speed respectively

It's also possible that these new Exotic class items will allow you to roll perks that previously belonged exclusively to other classes. One provided example was the Warlock Bond, Solipsism, which was demonstrated as having Spirit of the Assassin (a trait exclusive to Hunters in the past), as well as Spirit of Synthoceps (a traits exclusive to Titans).

New Enemy Faction - The Dread


The Dread are the first new enemy faction to enter the game in several years, and come in the form of large winged bat-like creatures. Though the Dread have guns they can fire, they're also capable of screeching at you, slowing you down and suppressing your abilities.

An example of a Dread enemy is the Husk, which is a melee-focused enemy that'll rush your position to swipe at you. If you kill the Husk incorrectly, a separate enemy called a Geist will emerge from the Husk's body and home in on your position before violently exploding.

The Weaver and Attendant enemies use Strand and Stasis respectively to mess with you as you navigate the battlefield, so these are sure to be top priority targets in any combat engagement. The Dread are joined by the Tormentors from Lightfall as well as the Subjugators.

Conclusion to the Story

With fan-favorite Cayde-6 returning, adventure into the heart of the Traveler, and rallying the Vanguard in an attempt to end the War of Light and Darkness once and for all.

Additional Features

Alongside the story content, the new Raid sees you face off against the Witness, as well as a new Dungeon.

Post-launch, 3 episodes will release:

  • Echoes
  • Revenant
  • Heresy

All 3 episodes will continue the story past the content included within The Final Shape's initial launch. Different to Seasons, Episodes will have story content segmented into 3 acts, and provide players with new rewards such as Exotic weapons, armor, and unique missions. A new episode will release every 3 weeks, and each of the 3 acts within each episode will release every 6 weeks.

Into the Light

While players waited for The Final Shape to release, Bungie offered a deluge of content as part of the Into the Light update. You can read about this content on our dedicated Into The Light page!

advertisem*nt Patch Notes


  • Crucible
    • Competitive will now use the Blended “1-1-1" Special Ammo system in place of the Crates system
    • Adjusted spawns on Altar of Flame and Dead Cliffs for Countdown Rush to improve match balance
    • Updated Private Match screens to support expanded options and to improve usability
    • Updated sound effects for rank promotion and defense toasts in Competitive to better convey success or failure
    • Fixed an issue where Relic meter was not correctly progressing in Relic
    • Fixed an issue where Private Match activity modifiers would display inaccurately
  • Shadowkeep
    • Fixed an issue in the mission Beyond where players would sometimes get stuck without the activity progressing them correctly
  • Warlord's Ruin
    • Fixed an issue in Warlord's Ruin where the sound effect that occurs after a player is frozen by the tempest storm did not play correctly
  • Crota's End
    • Fixed an issue preventing completion of the All for One challenge and associated Triumph
  • The Pantheon
    • Fixed an issue where The Pantheon emblems appeared in the General category rather than the Raids category in Collections


  • Added a gameplay subtitles option that displays the speaker's name before their dialog
    • This option is off by default. To activate it, navigate to the Options menu and toggle it to on
    • This feature does not affect cinematic subtitles
  • Added Reputation Boost information for ritual activities to the Director
    • Hovering over the Rituals nodes at the top of the Director (Vanguard Ops, Crucible, Gambit) will display when reputation boosts are active
  • Fixed an issue where dungeon tracking stats were not displayed on emblems
  • Improved placement and visuals of the Reselecting Activity button so players have better access to it
  • Fixed an issue where Fireteam Finder lobbies for Crucible Labs weren't allowing the correct max number of players for the activity
  • Fixed an issue where in some Fireteam Finder applications, player status was not displayed properly
  • Made visual and functional improvements to the Journey screen and Guardian Ranks icons
  • Fixed an issue where the Cherished Guardian Rank objective displayed the incorrect Commendation score requirement
  • Added Milestones to the quest log
    • Milestones will not count against a player's maximum quest/bounty capacity
  • Tracked quests will be sorted to the top of their categories when the quest log is reloaded next
  • Added an option to set a specific Quest tab as the default
    • The default Quest tab will be the first tab opened when the quest log is loaded
  • Added text to the Quest tooltip to communicate when a Quest is directly launchable from its Quest Details screen

Gameplay & Investment

  • All Subclasses
    • All Super abilities now use the same damage-based recharge parameters
      • Previously, energy gained through damage dealt and received was scaled based on the passive recharge rate of the Super, resulting in a broader delta between long-recharge Supers and short-recharge Supers than intended
      • This will, for example, bring the real-world uptime of Ward of Dawn and Well of Radiance closer to the uptime of a Super like Arc Staff or Fists of Havoc


  • Updated Heavy, Adaptive, and Aggressive Burst weapon intrinsic names to match burst count across all weapon archetypes. Functionality is unchanged.
    • 2-burst: Heavy Burst
      • Includes Sidearms, Hand Cannons, and Pulse Rifles.
    • 3-burst: Adaptive Burst
      • Includes Sidearms, Linear Fusion Rifles, and Adaptive Pulse Rifles.
    • 4-burst: Aggressive Burst
      • Includes Pulse Rifles.
  • Removed the foundry name from the Veist Rapid-Fire, Häkke Precision, and Omolon Adaptive weapon intrinsics


  • Alacrity
    • Will no longer work in Rumble.
  • Archer's Gambit
    • Reduced the effect so it can be used on Legendary weapons.
      • Reduced draw time buff from 66% to 60%.
      • Reduced buff duration from 8 to 4 seconds (but it can now stack up to 8 seconds).
  • Grave Robber
    • Will now activate on dealing damage with a powered melee, in addition to standard melee kills.
  • The Fundamentals
    • The Fundamentals now maintains its state across death or respawn.
  • Chain Reaction
    • Branched between Heavy and Special ammo weapons.
      • Special: About 15% smaller AoE size and 20% less damage.
      • Heavy: Same AoE as before and 30% more damage.
  • Eddy Current
    • Now takes 1.5 seconds of sprinting to activate instead of 3 seconds.
    • Also provides a bonus to handling and a 5% scalar on each stat at base.
    • Being amplified will immediately activate the perk at its maximum effectiveness.
  • Underdog
    • Instances of Underdog have been replaced with Pulse Monitor.
  • Osmosis and Permeability:
    • These no longer drop off when pulling out a Ghost or similar actions.
    • Now partially refill the weapon's magazine on activation.
  • Chill Clip
    • Adjusted the number of slow stacks applied based on properties of the weapon.
      • In this case, Rapid-Fire Fusions like Riptide will still require 3 shots to freeze, but slower firing Fusions only require 2.
    • All other archetypes have been un-nerfed and only require 2 shots to freeze.
  • Killing Tally
    • The Killing Tally perk on the original 21% Delirium Machine Gun has been updated to match the version found on random-rolled weapons.
  • High Ground
    • Reworked to provide a stacking damage bonus when getting kills in any context (like Rampage) or instantly granting the maximum amount of stacks when damaging an enemy from the high ground.
    • PvE max bonus increased to a 25% damage bonus, and PvP max increased to 15%.
  • Perks that currently match the player's equipped subclass have been changed as follows:
    • Osmosis and Tessellation now match the damage type of the equipped grenade.
    • Permeability and Elemental Capacitor now match the damage type of the equipped Super.
  • Deconstruct
    • Now refills from reserves instead of from thin air and should trigger more reliably across weapon types.
  • Headstone
    • Fixed an issue where Headstone used a Stasis positive buff icon for its cooldown status message. Headstone now uses a cooldown icon, similar to other cooldowns.
  • Pugilist
    • Fixed an issue where the melee buff visual effect repeatedly flashed when Pugilist was activated by melee damage-over-time.
  • Dream Work
    • Updated to work with additional weapon archetypes.
  • Precision Instrument
    • Fixed an issue that caused this perk to activate too quickly on burst-fire Linear Fusion Rifles.
  • Heavy Burst Intrinsic
    • Now slightly reduces incoming flinch


Power & Progression

  • Power Bands have been updated:
    • Power Floor: 1900
    • Soft Cap: 1940
    • Powerful Cap: 1990
    • Hard Cap/Pinnacle Cap: 2000


  • Adjusted the Alpine Dash Sparrow to have available speed options similar to other Sparrows and made the auto-reloading perk always available
    • In the spirit of the original Sparrow upgrade progression from 2019, the side-to-side boost perk is only available during the Dawning


  • Added Strand fireteam Triumphs to all previous raids
    • These are not required for Seal or title but provide an additional optional challenge for all interested fireteams


  • Non-precision based add clear-Exotic Primary weapons:
    • Reduced splash damage by 10% on the following weapons:
      • Sunshot
      • Trinity Ghoul
      • Polaris Lance
      • Graviton Lance
  • Rat King
    • Swapped the firing animation to the same one used by other auto-fire Sidearms.
  • Dead Man's Tale
    • Baseline:
      • Cranial Spike stacks now grant stability in addition to aim assist stat and range (+2 per stack).
      • Increased reload speed benefit of Cranial Spike stacks.
    • With catalyst, when hip-firing:
      • Slightly reduced accuracy benefits.
      • Increased magnetism falloff scale (1.6 to 1.7).
      • Increased baseline rate of fire from 130RPM to 140RPM.
      • Removed PvE-only damage buff that scaled with stacks of Cranial Spike and added a 15% damage bonus at maximum stacks of Cranial Spike.
  • Colony
    • Now spawns additional insectoid robots on final blows. More robots (up to five) spawn from tougher combatants.
  • Touch of Malice
    • Increased duration of burn applied by the Darkness Ball against combatants from 2 to 3.5 seconds.
  • Necrochasm
    • Intrinsic perk now provides increased reload speed after precision kills.
    • Increased duration of burn applied by the Cursed Thrall explosion against combatants from 2 to 3.5 seconds.
    • Catalyst has been rebuilt.
      • One for Thrall: Damaging 3 combatants in quick succession provides a period of increased damage, range, and aim assist.
  • Truth
    • Increased area-of-effect (AoE) damage such that it doesn't lose noticeable damage due to not dealing impact damage.
    • Increased total reserves by 3. (This is on top of the reserves change to high impact Rocket Launchers from the 7.3.5 update.)
  • Queenbreaker
    • Increased damage versus bosses, minibosses, Champions, and vehicles by 12%.
    • Increased reserve ammunition by 3.
  • Symmetry
    • Catalyst now provides +10 reload speed, +10 handling, and the Eddy Current perk, in addition to its existing effects.
  • Cerberus+1
    • Focus fire now will activate on Special reloads following a kill and will no longer reduce range or rate of fire.
    • Updated hipfire reticle to better convey weapon spread.
  • Bastion
    • Reworked Saint's Fists perk: Dealing damage with melee increases the charge rate, damage, and reload speed for a short duration. Landing a majority of pellets in a burst increases melee damage.
  • Eriana's Vow
    • Breaking a matched shield or piercing a Champion's Barrier will cause the target to ignite.
  • Devil's Ruin
    • Fixed an issue where the firing animation from Devil's Ruin would get applied to other equipped Sidearms if the weapon was swapped during the firing animation.
  • Gjallarhorn
    • Updated the visuals of Wolfpack Rounds to match the damage type of the weapon. For example:
      • On Gjallarhorn, they will use Solar effects.
      • On the Royal Entry Void Rocket Launcher buffed by Gjallarhorn, they will have Void effects.
  • Grand Overture
    • Grand Overture now displays 'Volley Ready' instead of 'Rockets Loaded' after special reload, to help better indicate when the rockets are primed to fire on trigger pull.
  • Osteo Striga
    • Now has a 4-second cooldown on the poison burst on kills. (Poison burst from sustained damage doesn't receive this cooldown.)
  • The Lament
    • Reduced healing effect by 20%.
    • While this weapon does inherit the 7% global buff to Swords, we've reduced the damage of the high end of the chained heavy attack by 20% from that point.
      • This means combos at lower stacks are less affected by the change than combos at higher stacks.
  • Deterministic Chaos
    • This weapon is now intrinsically anti-barrier.
    • The Heavy Metal and Vexadecimal perks have had their locations and behavior swapped.
      • Heavy Metal now causes every 4th bullet to make targets volatile.
      • Vexadecimal now causes every 16th bullet to also weaken targets.
  • Divinity
    • Increased the number of shots required to generate the cage by 75% against combatants (PvP unchanged).
  • Ace of Spades
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the Memento Mori sound effect to replay when exiting out of sprint.
  • Edge of Intent
    • Edge of Intent Healing Turret updated to match Speaker's Sight Healing Turret.
    • Edge of Intent's alternate weapon action projectile no longer bounces off walls and non-floor geometries.
    • Healing Turret will spawn offset along the tangent of the surface hit.
    • Healing Turret now applies Cure and Restoration. Having the Aspect Touch of Flame equipped improves these effects


  • The Tower's weapons vendor, Banshee-44, will now reset his weapons and their perks at the same time along with all other vendors at 10 AM PT
  • Fixed an issue where the tutorial prompt teaching players how to summon their Sparrow wasn’t always appearing
  • Fixed an issue where the shader library order in the Appearance Customization did not match the layout in other screens
  • Fixed an issue where the header for Ascendant Alloys did not match the format of other items in Special Orders
  • Fixed an issue where Paraversal Haul did not appear in Collections
  • Fixed an issue where the Bonus Objective progress bar could overlap with status effects UI
  • Fixed an issue where several emotes were not properly sorted with their associated quality level when viewed in the emote selection screen
  • Fixed an issue where the Season of the Dawn icon was not properly applied to items acquired from the Season of the Dawn Flashback offer
  • Fixed an issue where previewing associated Exotic weapon ornaments whose Pattern has been unlocked showed as Unacquired rather than Craftable in the Eververse
  • Fixed an issue where the Season Pass messaging did not note that a 20% XP bonus is unlocked alongside the Exotic weapon when the premium track is unlocked
  • The Wicked Implement Scout Rifle has been moved to the Monument to Lost Lights.
    • Its catalyst will now be available as a random drop via ritual playlist post-match rewards.
  • Updated new drops of Raid Adepts from Crota's End and Root of Nightmares to have 2 traits in their trait columns.
  • Added Weapon Enhancement to the Raid Adepts from Vow of Disciple and King's Fall.
  • Collecting base weapon patterns will now provide a boost per weapon set to the chance of getting a third trait in the trait columns on new drops.
    • This can be tracked via new Triumphs in each raid's respective collection.
  • Memento stack size limit has been increased from 1 to 3.
  • Mementos are no longer tracked in the Inventory tab.
    • Players can now view, track, and apply their collected Mementos within the inspection screen of an enhanced or shaped weapon.
    • Dismantling Faded Mementos will provide +1 Memento to use within the inspection screen.
    • If a player is at the new stack size limited of 3 Mementos, that Memento will not drop again until they are holding less than 3 Mementos.
  • Fixed an issue where Raid Adept Weapons from The Pantheon Triumphs dropped without selected perks. Players will now see these perks applied on those items.
    • At a later date, a fix will be applied to correct bad masterwork or enhanced intrinsic options on these weapons to the intended roll.
    • It is recommended to select a Masterwork option that functions on that weapon type to get the stat benefit when upgrading to enhanced.
  • Removed Resonant and Harmonic Alloys.
  • Acquiring an Adept version of a weapon now unlocks Focusing for base version of that weapon.
  • Fixed an issue where anti-Champion mods were causing other weapon perks to fall off.
  • Fixed an issue causing Mindbender’s Ambition to not glow when getting kills.
  • Fixed an issue where the intensity on some damage screen effects and various projectiles could cause potential photosensitivity issues

Full Patch Notes

If you wish to read the Patch Notes in full, including details on subclass and weapon updates, you can do so via the official Bungie websites Patch Notes blog post.

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